5 Tips to Avoid a Frozen Pipe Disaster at your Home

Frozen pipes can stop your heating and hot water. They can also burst, leak, or flood to cause all sorts of damage to your home’s plumbing, heating, exterior, basement, etc.

So, how can you avoid a frozen pipe disaster at your home?

5 Tips to Avoid a Frozen Pipe Disaster at Your Home

avoid a frozen pipe by cleaning

Here are our top 5 tips to prevent pipes from freezing and causing serious and expensive issues like water damage.

1.        Maintain Heating Throughout Your Home

Open the doors and cabinets inside your home and try to maintain at least 55 degrees throughout, including the basement, garage, kitchen, laundry, etc., to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter. This is especially important if you travel over the winter and will not be in your home daily.

2.        Seal Openings and Cracks

Any opening or cracks in your home can let the heat out and the cold in. Inspect every nook and cranny and seal your home before the cold, harsh winter arrives.

3.        Insulate Exterior Walls with Pipes

If there are exterior walls with pipes, they can freeze faster than interior pipes. Insulate these exterior walls and pipes as best as you can.

4.        Disconnect Garden Hoses

Disconnect and drain all your garden hoses, shut off the supply to outdoor hose bibs, and keep outdoor faucets open to drain the line.

5.        Let Faucets Drip

Any faucets that are supplied by pipes in exterior walls should be left slightly open to drip water. This will prevent ice from forming pressure in the pipes and bursting them. Also, consider leaving vanity doors open to help warmer air surround the water supply lines.


5 Tips to Avoid a Frozen Pipe Disaster at your Home

These tips to avoid a frozen pipe disaster will help protect your home and plumbing from the cold winter. However, should a pipe freeze, burst, and cause water damage, seek the help of professionals like Major Restoration by calling 717-855-2367 immediately.

They are well-known for their extremely fast emergency response, and here’s what to do while you wait.

To learn more about tips to avoid a frozen pipe disaster at your home or about the best professionals for emergency water mitigation, fire and smoke restoration, mold remediation, or repair and restore services, please visit our website today.


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