Rains in the summer, leaky roofs, and burst pipes in the winter can all wreak havoc on your home and business. They may cause flooding, mold, and water damage, harming your business, home, and household.

Therefore, you should keep things in check.

7 Areas To Check In Your Home or Business To Help Prevent Water Damage7 AREAS TO CHECK IN YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS TO HELP PREVENT WATER DAMAGE

Here are 7 areas to check in your home or business to help prevent water damage, and subsequent downtime and expenses.

1.      Supply Lines

The supply lines to your sinks, toilets, refrigerator (with water dispenser and internal ice maker), and washing machine are all prone to water leaks, especially if they are rubber or old PVC lines. They often rupture under pressure, and you won’t know that they are leaking till it’s too late. Regularly checking supply lines for leaks will help prevent any resulting water damage.

2.      Hot Water Heater

The average life expectancy of a water heater is 8-12 years, so if your heater is that old or older, it’s time to think about replacing it before it causes water damage.  Often, old water heaters leak from the bottom, whereas faulty water outlet, drain valve, or excessive condensation are other causes of hot water heater leaks. You need to keep an eye out for these areas.

3.      Sump Pump

You should test your sump pump regularly to ensure it is working adequately. If not, flooding will cause immense water damage in your basement and home. Moreover, a battery backup for your sump pump can be invaluable, as it will continue to operate even if the power is out during a heavy storm. Even better, talk with your plumber about a water-powered sump pump that is powered by the water supply line pressure rather than by electricity.

4.      Foundation

You need to regularly check downspouts, gutters, and grading around your home and business to make sure that the water flow is directed away from the foundation. Water damage in the foundation can severely harm the structural integrity of your home or business.

5.      Condensate Pump for Your HVAC System

If the condensate pump for your HVAC system fails, the water will overflow, flood, and cause water damage. Keep an eye out for the condensate pump to ensure it is working adequately.  Regularly check to be sure the drain line for the pump is clear by adding a small amount of bleach or vinegar to the pump every six months.  Be sure to check with your HVAC professional for more information.

6.      Main Drain

Tree roots around your home or business can easily compromise the main drain and cause backups, leaks, and flooding. Be sure to check this area regularly, or alter the landscaping to ensure this doesn’t happen.

7.      Window Wells

Regularly check and test the drains in your window wells to ensure that they aren’t clogged with debris. This will ensure that water does to backup and flow in from windows during rains.


Water damage is never good for your home, household, or business. Make sure to regularly check the 7 mentioned areas to help prevent water damage.

If you require professional inspection or intervention in case of backups, leaks, flooding, or water damage, we highly recommend Major Restorations for the job.

To learn more about preventing water damage in your home or business, or for the best professional help and water damage restoration, please visit our website today!


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