Drying methods to address water damage have evolved immensely over the years.  Where there used to be simply box fans and opening of windows, there are now heavy-duty commercial air movers and dehumidifiers, along with specialty equipment such as the hardwood floor drying system pictured.

When it comes to residential and commercial drying methods, Major Restoration is always striving to return your home or business to its pre damaged condition in the most efficient manner.  Where in the past, after a water disaster people would simply leave their houses open to dry, there is now a wide variety of equipment dedicated to restoring properties.  Apart from traditional drying methods, here are come alternatives restoration companies use:

Wall Cavity Drying

One way of drying wall efficiently before they suffer secondary damage is by having a professional restoration company drill holes in walls and force air into the wall cavity.  This allows for drying- without demolition-in many cases.  Before drilling holes in your walls, we recommend getting in touch with us so we can analyze your situation and tell you whether or not you should adopt this method.

Hardwood Floor Drying- Rescue Matt System

This is a mat attached to a suction motor.  The system is used to create air-flor and, in extreme cases, to extract water.  Using this type of drying system allows us to draw moist air out or direct, high-pressure air into hard-to-reach structures and dry them quickly and with minimal disruption.  In many cases, this type of system can dry and save hardwood floors.  The benefit is that this method saves money, time, and sometimes, even save irreplaceable antique wood flooring.

Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidification

These are much like traditional dehumidifiers, except that they are much more efficient because of the two-coil system in place.  Traditional dehumidifiers have only one coil to cool the water vapors in the air, meaning that more passes are required to properly dehumidify the air.  LGR dehumidifiers remove vapors much more quickly and with fewer passes.

The world of home restoration services is ever-evolving with new technology designed to ensure that your home or business is restored safely, quickly, and at potentially lower costs.  Major Restoration Services strives to adopt newer techniques every time the industry expands, looking to minimize cost, time, and effort on your part.  If you’d like to learn more about home drying methods or are simply looking for a home restoration service in South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, give us a call.  We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year!


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