Serving regions in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Major Restoration Services is no stranger to snow, frozen pipes, and other weather-caused property damage issues, including ice damming. While each case involving ice dams is different in intensity and the level of damage, these are one type of property damage that is avoidable. According to the National Weather Service, ice dams form when melting-freezing cycles cause melted snow to freeze, melt, and then refreeze at the roof’s edge. This process forms “ice dams,” or ridges, that prevent melted snow from draining through gutters and downspouts. This lack of drainage then results in water being trapped between the ice dam and snow, gradually seeping into the property through the porous material of the building structure.
If not treated promptly and professionally, ice dams can cause severe structural damage to the property in two ways:
  1. Depending on the weather, ice dams can weigh hundreds of pounds. This additional weight then compromises the structure of the eaves around the roof; and
  2. Trapped water leaks through the roof and the walls, damaging the internal structure, paint, surfaces, insulation, drywall, hardwood, and much more. Moisture retained in the walls also increases the likelihood of mold growth.
As stated above, this damage is highly preventable. Below are some suggestions that will help curb the likelihood of ice dam formation and their subsequent damage:
  • Improving airflow under the soffits or eaves will ventilate the attic, allowing heat to escape and the attic to stay cool. This minimizes the melting-freezing cycle, preventing the interior heat from melting the snow on the roof.
  • Along with ventilation, have your property’s insulation evaluated. Experts agree that an R-value of 30 or 38 in northern regions is appropriate for attics. If, instead of an attic, your property’s highest level is directly against the roof, insulate the rafter space in addition to ventilation baffles.
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts around your property, clearing all debris so melted snow can drain.
  • Rake away snow after a heavy snowfall, removing snow from around the roof’s edge.
  • Make sure no overgrown trees are shading the roof. Shaded areas can be up to 10-15 degrees cooler.
Major Restoration is a full-service restoration company, providing water damage restoration and mold remediation services to restore your property to its pre-loss state. Our technicians’ expert capabilities allow us to remove unsalvageable building materials, dry out water damaged contents and salvageable building material, and then make all necessary repairs. We will take care of exterior and interior damage, coordinating everything with your insurance provider so you don’t need to do it yourself. Contact us today to prepare for the upcoming winter season.

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