Effects of a Clogged Gutter

Cleaning gutters is perhaps the most overlooked home maintenance chore that exists. It is often backbreaking work, especially if you aren’t cleaning them with any regularity. Still, you need to clean gutters regularly to prevent clogs, which can be highly detrimental to your home. If you haven’t cleaned them recently, now’s the time to take care of them before the winter weather arrives!

Effects of a Clogged Gutter

clogged gutter

Numerous small and large problems can arise from a clogged gutter.

·         Leaks in the Basement/ Crawlspace

A clogged gutter is one of the main causes of leaks and water damage in your home’s basement or crawl spaces. When left unchecked, it can result in a damp and humid environment, primed for mold growth. Mold damage from basement and crawlspace leaks remain hidden and can be dangerous for the health of your household.

·         Landscape Damage

When stagnant water rots in your gutters before leaking down, it can damage the surrounding landscape and soil underneath.

·         Roof Damage

damaged roof

Clogged gutters and resulting leaks can cause damage to the shingles on your roof and bring water damage to your home’s roof. Left unchecked, things like dry rot on your roof and mold in your attic can form over time.

·         Damage to the Foundation

When gutters are clogged, there is no way to manage rainwater. The leaking and pooling water can reach your home’s foundation and potentially cause water damage and even cracks.

·         Damage to the Walkways and Driveways

A similar effect occurs if the water leaks reach your walkways and driveways. Regardless of the surface material, it can cause cracks and sagging in your walkways and driveways.


damaged roof and gutter

As you can tell, none of the mentioned effects of clogged gutters are good for your home, family, or wallet. Things like a damaged foundation or roof can be very expensive to repair, so you should never avoid cleaning your gutters.

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