How The Experts Do Fire Damage Restoration

It is never a good idea to try to “self” – remediate your property after a fire. Certified fire damage restorers go through extensive training to ensure they don’t end up further damaging the already fragile items in your home as well as stay safe while navigating the potentially compromised structure.

In this article, we will review Major Restoration’s expert processes that will bring your home back to its pre-disaster state, if not better.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

experts fire damage restoration

1. Making sure the property is safe to enter. This step involves checking in with the local fire marshal whether the fire is completely out or not and then checking for signs of structural damage. If the property’s integrity is compromised, we advise you to wait outside until the necessary structural repairs are complete.  Any exposed electrical wiring or potentially dangerous appliances are also dealt with at this point.

2. Minimizing the damage. One the property is safe to enter, our trained professionals then go into the property and reduce any risk of further damage. This includes removing debris, performing any necessary demolition, and starting the process of protecting salvageable contents.

assessing fire damage

3. Removing soot and smoke. This task involves scrubbing the walls clean to remove soot and smoke residue. This improves the air quality inside and makes for better working conditions. We also place air filtration equipment to further improve air quality for homeowners and our team.

4. Removing damaged items. This task is not the same as removing debris since this involves itemizing and discarding any items too damaged to be restored.

fire smoke

5. Removing water and restoring water damage. Water damage restoration is essential after a fire because the water used by fire-fighting professionals becomes contaminated by the fire and smoke damage, causing more damage than in a clean water loss.

6. Begin deodorizing and reconstructing. Once all of the above are satisfactorily completed, we start cleaning. From dry cleaning with specialty sponges to wet cleaning, scrubbing, and deodorizing, nothing is off the table. The goal is to bring the home back to its former glory – as if nothing ever happened!

You’ll want to call in the experts at Major Restoration Service in case of fire damage. Our team of professional restorers is available 24/7 and will come right over when you are facing an emergency!


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