How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost In 2023

You’ll need to have an idea of your water damage restoration cost if you are dealing with this problem, regardless of the cause of the water damage or flooding in your property. You already know that you need to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. Both your costs and the likelihood that contaminants like mold and mildew will build up and cause health risks will be decreased as an outcome.

To prevent structural issues with the property, quick action is necessary. Your appliances will be another factor. Devices like your washing machine may stop working if you don’t get water damage repaired.

Here is a look at How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost In 2023 so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Water Damage Restoration Cost In 2023

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The typical price of water damage restoration ranges between $1,000 and $5,000. Since no two restorations are the same, your costs could vary. If your property has been flooded with water carrying bacteria and other potentially dangerous toxins, it might cost as much as more than $20,000. However, if you only have minor damage from a toilet overflow, it could cost as little as $100.

Water damage restoration costs vary depending on several factors. You must take into account the damaged area, the degree of the damage, replacements, plumbing, labor, etc. The type of water that was flooded and the type of water damage will also affect the final cost.

Here are the factors affecting the water damage restoration cost:

Type of Water Damage

Clean water damage is one of the most frequent cost drivers for water damage restoration. The water here is clean and free of contaminants or chemicals. This kind of water damage compromises the building’s structural integrity.

Gray water damage results in the presence of a few substances in the water that, if taken by people, can have harmful health effects. It also harms the structure.

Black water damage results from sewage leaks. This type of water is exceedingly toxic and contains harmful contaminants. Both the structures and the individuals who are exposed to them suffer damage.

The water damage restoration cost increases as water toxicity increases.

Location or Area Affected by Water Damage

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The size of the damaged area will affect how much it will cost for restoration. The cost will increase as more work and materials are needed.

The best course of action is to choose a nearby, reputable water damage service with a professional who can provide you with an exact pricing estimate.

Since water damage can hide in a variety of places around the property, finding it as quickly as possible should be a top priority. The price of water damage restoration per square foot is greatly influenced by where the damage is located.

Different water damage restoration methods are required for various areas of the property. The sizes of the rooms also vary. Consequently, the water damage restoration cost would vary based on the location—kitchen, living room, bathroom, basement, roof, etc.

Size of the Water Damage

The water damage restoration cost may greatly depend on how much water damage has spread throughout the property.

Restoring damage from a window leak that only compromises one area of a room, for instance, is probably less expensive than restoring damage from an entire basement that was flooded with three feet of water.

To estimate how much does water damage restoration cost from a flood or leak, you should take into account both the class and category as set by their water restoration services. The chances that the damage is severe and will be more expensive to restore increases with a higher category or class.

Quantity of Repairs Needed

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The quantity of repairs required will also affect how much it will cost to restore water damage. Professionals in water damage restoration also provide other restoration services, such as strengthening the building, renovating the flooring, and removing mold. The combined price of these services raises the water damage restoration cost.

Water Damage Restoration Category

Additional classifications of water damage include different categories of damage. The damage categories mentioned before effectively explain where the harm comes from, but the damage category indicates how much damage there is. This entails estimating the amount of labor needed to clean and restore the damage. For the proper damage categorization, you should consult with a professional.

Category 1

If you had Category 1 water damage, consider yourself lucky because it will be the least expensive to restore. Clean water is typically included in Category 1 damage, which usually affects a small section of a room.

Category 2

A room with widespread water damage is categorized as category 2 water damage. Damage to walls that are at least 12 inches above the floor is included. The moisture may be absorbed by the building’s foundation, carpets, flooring, and any nearby fixtures or appliances. “Gray water,” which is mildly contaminated, is also subjected to Category 2.

Category 3

When more than one room is affected by the water damage, it is categorized as category 3. This indicates that the flooring, subflooring, insulation, walls, and ceiling have all been damaged. As Category 3 comprises “black water,” which may contain bacteria, sewage, and other dangerous toxins or debris, it is one of the most expensive sorts of water damage to restore. Since structural elements must be replaced, Category 3 water damage restoration requires professional assistance.

Category 4

It is when a large area is submerged in water. Consider storms, hurricanes, or big river floods that damage building materials like brick, stone, hardwood, and fixtures and leave a significant amount of water standing within the property.

Tips For Selecting a Good Water Damage Restoration Service

When a water damage problem arises, it’s crucial to act quickly and seek professional assistance to lessen the damage. Here are some tips to make sure you are hiring the best among the many services:

  •       Verify to see if the service you are hiring is licensed, insured, and certified.
  •       The services should be in the restoration industry for a couple of years and have a worker who is well-trained to handle any damage.
  •       It must be able to respond quickly to emergencies and give services around the clock. Of course, it is ideal to work with a local service business that is near your location.
  •       It is generally preferable to hire a service that has excellent reviews and recommendations.
  •       The services should be able to help you submit an insurance claim by promptly and precisely describing what has happened.
  •       Note all the benefits they can offer. Tall claims with little proof are useless. The services should have a precise understanding of the damage’s scope as well as a well-thought-out plan for completing the mitigation activity.
  •       Must use modern, commercial-grade equipment for drying out, repairing, and other tasks.


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You should be prepared to deal with the possibility of water damage even though it might not happen often. If the damage is too severe for you to handle, contact water damage restoration services. Due to concerns about the cost of the services, some consumers may be hesitant to hire professionals.

Now that we’ve talked about the cost variables for water damage restoration services, you might have to spend more or less depending on your particular situation, but the first step is contacting a professional to figure out the amount of the damage.


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