Winter is here, and soon, the cold, harsh weather will surround our homes and communities. While you may have cleaned your chimneys, checked your

heaters, and prepared your closet for winter, the best and most sustainable mode of heating you can get is insulation.

Today, we will discuss the key places you need insulation in your home to help you make the most of your indoor heating, reduce your energy bills this winter and even during summers.

Places You Need Insulation

Here are some of the key places in your home that need insulation.

·         The Attic

Attics are essential to your home and, therefore, need insulation. Hot air rises naturally, which means that your attic holds much of the heat in your home. If your attic is not insulated and letting the heat out, your energy bills will rise carelessly.

·         The Walls

After the attic, the walls of your home are another essential place to insulate. They will help keep the heat in and reduce your energy bills. Insulating walls also work in the summers, when you need to keep the cool inside, resulting in a lower energy bill all year round.


·         The Floors

Even though heat rises naturally, a big chunk of your heating is lost through the floors. This is especially true for floors over unheated spaces like the basement or garage. Insulating floors allows you to prevent the heated and cooled air from escaping your home, saving money on energy bills all year round.

·         Crawlspaces

It is always a smart idea to insulate your crawlspaces. It will maintain the heat throughout your home and ensure your plumbing pipes and ductwork don’t freeze during extreme cold. Insulating crawl spaces lower your energy bills and prevents expensive water damage and plumbing repairs.



These are some of the key places you need insulation in your home to retain the heat during winters, cool during summers, and reduce your energy bills. If you need help with your home’s insulation or would like professionals to handle it, we highly recommend Major Restoration for the job.

They are experts in insulation, and you should call them for advice before taking any steps. For more information on areas you need to insulate or about the excellent services of Major Restoration, please visit our website today.


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