Prevent Home Fires from these Sources you Might Not Think Of

Cooking, heating equipment, electrical equipment, smoking materials, and malicious intent are the top sources/ causes of home fires and subsequent injuries and deaths.

But what about unconventional sources that we may not think of?

Prevent Home Fires from These Sources You Might Not Think of

We all want to protect our homes and loved ones from fire damage. Here are some unconventional sources you might not think of, to help you prevent dangerous home fires.

Closet Lights

Prevent Home Fires from these Sources you Might Not Think Of

We usually expect electrical fires to start in circuit boxes, frayed extension cords, power strips, etc. You may not even consider that the small lights in your closet can catch fire. Most often, older homes and smaller closets use incandescent lights that are triggered by the closet door.

These lights produce a lot of heat in closets filled with flammable items. If they are left switched on for too long, they may easily start a home fire. We recommend swapping them with energy-efficient LED lights that do not heat up nearly as much.

Dryer Vents

Lint is extremely flammable, and you’ll find plenty of it in your dryer vents, especially if they are clogged. We rarely check or clean these vents, and they can easily catch fire and cause a disaster in your home.

You should regularly check dryer vents for clogs, clean them, clean the lint trap, and make sure they are not backed up. If needed, hire a professional to service dryer vents for you.


nest on electrical wirings

A bird’s nest on outdoor electrical equipment like lights and fuse boxes can easily start a home fire. Nests typically contain dry twigs and debris, which can easily catch fire from the heat of the light or electrical component they are made on.

Make sure birds don’t make nests on your outdoor lights. Build them a birdhouse or bird bath in your yard instead.

Vintage and Antique Electronics and Appliances

old appliance to cause fire

Vintage TVs, antique record players, and appliances from the 60s are all cool to look at and have made a huge comeback over the past few years, but they are outdated when it comes to fire prevention technology and are no longer safe to operate based on current standards. If you have such decorative items in your home, make sure they are not plugged in to prevent home fires.


These are just a few unconventional home fire sources you may not think of, and there are plenty more to consider. Inspect your home interior and exterior to assess all items’ flammability and fire potential, and do what is needed to prevent home fires.

If a home fire occurs, evacuate and call the authorities immediately. If there is any fire damage, or you need fire, soot, or smoke cleanup, contact Major Restoration for the best repair, restoration, and emergency services.

To learn more about preventing home fires, fire damage, unconventional fire sources, or about the best professionals for fire clean up, smoke clean up, water mitigation, mold remediation, or repair and restore services, please visit our website today.


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