Saving Hardwood Floors After Water Damage

Out of all the damaged building materials, furniture, electronics, and emotions, one damage that can often be reversed is that done to hardwood floors. When wood is exposed to water, it absorbs  the water, and then begins to warp; it “cups” as shown in the illustration.

“Cupping” is when the edges of the board rise compared to its center – the plank curls upward.  When this happens, the wood starts to lose integrity.  In many cases, however, this “cupping” effect is temporary and can be reversed with proper mitigation procedures.  As the moisture within the wood is drawn out and evaporates, your floor will return to its normal shape.

There are several mat floor drying systems, such as the Dri-Eaz Rescue Mat system, we use to accelerate the drying process and effectively avoid creating the conditions needed for mold growth.

If water damage is improperly addressed, you may experience a problem known as “crowning.”  This happens when, in an effort to remove the high edges from cupping, the floor is sanded smooth.  Over time, as the floor returns to its original moisture content, the edges then continue to recede.  Edges end up receding further than their initial position because of the sanding.  Think of crowing as the opposite of cupping.  Proper dehumidification, use of a mat drying system, and daily monitoring often will result in the successful restoration of a damaged hardwood floor.

As with all types of property damage, if you experience any sort of water damage to a hardwood floor, call us as soon as possible so we can begin the restoration process.  With hardwood in particular, the sooner drying begins offers the best chances for a positive outcome.


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