Flooded basements during summer rains, burst pipes in the winter, and leaking roofs after storms are all causes for concern. They are costly to repair, but if left unchecked, they can cost you even more through the subsequent water damage they bring about.

Often, it doesn’t take long for water damage to become a serious problem because of the mold growth and structural vulnerabilities it brings to homes.

Top 9 Causes of Water Damage

Here we have compiled the top 9 causes of water damage, so you can keep an eye out and prevent water damage from ruining your home or raking up your repair bills.

1.      Garbage Disposal Leaks

Garbage disposals commonly cause water damage when they stop working. The bottom of the disposal and pipe fittings can become leaky as the appliance gets older, flooding nearby cabinets and flooring with filthy water and food debris, often resulting in water and mold damage.

2.      Leaky Roofs

If your roof is leaking, it may cause water damage to the roof sheathing and cause water damage to other areas of the home including framing and drywall.

3.      Washing Machine Supply Line

If your washing machine depends on old PVC or rubber supply lines, the pressure can cause them to rupture and leak, flooding your laundry area and causing water damage.  Braided stainless steel supply lines are a better, safer alternative to the older style rubber hoses.

4.      Water Heater Leaks

A faulty water heater can cause damage with a slow leak or in some cases a sudden burst. In either case, the damage can be significant, especially if the water heater is in a finished basement.  Most manufacturers estimate the lifespan of water heaters to be from eight to twelve years, so if your water heater is approaching this timespan, it may be time to consider replacing the unit before it damages your home.

5.      Backed-Up Sewer Lines

Blockage in your sewer lines can be very hazardous. It is an emergency that can quickly lead to a lot of water damage in various places of your home.  This type of damage is considered category 3 and is highly contaminated.

6.      Burst Pipes

Burst pipes in harsh winter temperatures can create an emergency because the flooding can be severe, causing extensive water damage.

7.      Leaking or Dripping Toilets

A leaky or dripping toilet runs constantly, which is expensive and frustrating. Left unchecked, it typically brings water damage to the walls and floors of your bathroom.

1.      Frozen Fire Sprinkler Systems

Like any pipe in harsh winter temperatures, your fire sprinkler system can also have ruptured pipes that cause water damage.

2.      Faulty Sump Pump

If your sump pump doesn’t work properly, a flooded basement can quickly cause extensive water damage.


While some of the mentioned common causes of water damage have DIY solutions like clogged drains and disposal leaks, others like blockage of sewer lines, leaky roofs, and flooded basements require professional attention.

We highly recommend Major Restoration for the best professional help you can get for water damage and the things that cause it.

If you want to learn more about the causes of water damage, or if you require the best professional help, please visit our website today.


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