What Water Damage Is Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Nothing is more unpleasant than discovering your floor has been damaged and waking up to a flood in the basement caused by a malfunctioning water heater, appliances, or pipe. Among the first things you’ll probably ask yourself is: What water damage is covered by homeowners insurance?

In this case, the expenses incurred by the damage will be covered by your ordinary homeowner’s insurance policy, and an agent can assist you in starting the process of submitting a water damage insurance claim. All forms of water damage are not, however, covered.

A burst pipe or other internal source of water damage within your home will probably be covered by your homeowner’s insurance under the majority of standard homeowners insurance policies. The normal coverage will not cover water that originates from outside your house. However, flood insurance, a distinct policy that can be a wise addition to your current house insurance, allows you to get additional protection from damages connected to flooding.

Water Damage Homeowner Insurance Factors

When it comes to homeowner insurance claims, water damage ranks highest, followed by wind and hail damage. It often depends on three primary factors to determine if you are insured for water damage:

Gradual, Unexpected, And Unintentional

If your bathroom sink keeps leaking for several months, for instance, your house’s insurance may not cover any that resulted in water damage or plumbing expenses. Most insurance policies will not safeguard you against gradual deterioration, sometimes known as “wear and tear.”

You’re usually protected if freezing temps force a pipe to burst and flood the house because it’s seen as an unexpected and unintentional catastrophe.

Source Of Damage

Your homeowner insurance will probably cover you if the damage originates within your house, such as from an overflowing appliance, a burst pipe, or a plumbing leak. Your homeowner’s insurance coverage usually covers roof leaks as well, but it usually excludes water damage from external sources, such as flooding.

Type Of Policy

Understanding the precise kind of water damage that your homeowner insurance will cover is essential.

For example, you might have a sump pump that is intended to draw water out from underneath your house. It could flood your basement if the pump malfunctions. In the case of a sump pump malfunction or clogged sewer, water backup insurance keeps you safe.

What Water Damage Is Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Below are the the types for what water damage is covered by homeowners insurance:


Homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of repairing damages brought on by an appliance overflow—but only if it happens unexpectedly and unintentionally. For example, your dwelling coverage should pay for any damage caused to your laundry room if a sock somehow gets in the way of your washing machine’s water flow hose and plugs it. Your personal property coverage should pay for any damages to cupboards or other things in the laundry area that get damaged by the water.

However, if the problem was caused by your carelessness, your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover water overflow from appliances. The insurance company is unlikely to cover damage, for example, if you remove the drip pan from your washer and decide not to replace it, causing water damage to your floor over several months. Sewer backups and sump pumps are likewise not covered; however, you might be able to add these types of coverage to your policy by purchasing an endorsement.


When you put out a fire, your homeowner and personal property insurance policies usually cover water damage. You can probably file a claim for the damage if your living room space heating system starts a fire and the water used by the firefighters breaks walls and floors in nearby rooms.

Insurance may not cover fire damage or water damage resulting from extinguishing the fire if negligence caused the fire to start. This includes not doing the suggested repairs. Any fire that results from an oven hose that has to be replaced after you purchase a new house, and the inspector informs you of this will not be covered if you fail to take steps to fix it.

Pipe Leaks

When you find out about a problem caused by a burst pipe or an accident-related break, your first concern is generally whether your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the repairs. The good news is that your insurance should kick in if the damage was unexpected and unintentional.

Damages resulting from improper maintenance of a house are typically not covered by insurance. An insurance will probably reject a claim, for example, if slow-leaking pipes result in damage because of poor maintenance. Not seen as accidents are the dry rot, mold, and leaks caused by the neglected pipes because these could have been prevented.


When we envision water damage, we typically immediately picture flooding and heavy rains. But does rain-related water damage get covered by homeowner insurance? Generally speaking, yes, if it’s storm damage. Is flooding covered by homeowner insurance, though? Generally speaking, no.

Your dwelling coverage will typically cover the cost of repairing your walls and floor if a storm smashes a window and rain causes damage to your living room’s furniture and sheetrock, subject to your deductible and restrictions. Similarly, furniture will typically be covered by your personal property insurance.

If your furniture is damaged by a leaky roof during a storm, your claim will probably be rejected if the roof is old and shows evidence of abuse or neglect. Maintaining regular home upkeep is part of being a homeowner, and claim adjusters are skilled at identifying damage that has developed gradually over time. Typical homeowners insurance exclusions include damage from collapsing property or wear and tear.

Moreover, flood losses are not covered by typical homeowner insurance policies. Almost always, homeowner’s insurance contracts expressly exclude flooding along with earthquakes. As a result, your regular coverage won’t pay for any damage if your house becomes flooded due to strong storms.


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