Who To Call For Water Damage In Ceiling

It can be quite difficult to deal with a ceiling water leak. To stop more damage and any risks, early action is necessary. It is vital to know who to call for water damage in ceiling in such situations. Making a call to water damage professionals can provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to find the leak’s source, fix it, and make sure the damaged area is adequately dried and restored.

It’s important to keep in mind that acting quickly can reduce the damage that a ceiling leak causes.

Question: Who To Call For Water Damage In Ceiling?

Does the stain on your ceiling seem odd to you? Don’t be tricked by the temptation to just throw on a fresh coat of paint and call it a day! Ignoring water stains on the ceiling could eventually cause far larger issues. Water stains on the ceiling are a clear indication of a leak.

It is dependent upon the source of the leak as to who you should call.

Your Insurance Provider

Get in touch with your insurance provider to report the damage, and request a claim number before taking any further action.

Getting insurance reimbursement for the damage requires taking this crucial step.

Roofing Contractor (For Leaks On The Upper Level)

Your roof is most likely leaking if there is a water leak in the upper level ceiling of your house. In this situation, you need to call a professional roofing contractor, who will assess your roof, determine the extent of the damage, and offer recommended repairs.

Plumber (For Leaks On The Lower Level)

If there isn’t a leak in your roof, the water is probably coming from another source. Your multi-story house’s plumbing problem (such as a burst pipe) is probably the cause if you see indicators like wet or discolored ceilings, soggy drywall, or pooled water. In this situation, it will be necessary for you to call a professional plumber, particularly if you are unable to identify the leak on your own.

A plumber can also identify hidden water leaks, such as those in wall voids, and repair them.

Water Damage Restoration Service

Give the local water damage restoration service in your area a call. They can collaborate with your roofer or plumber to offer full restoration services that help you return to your regular way of life.

Why Do I Need To Call A Professional?

water damage in ceiling

It is advisable to seek the services of a professional water damage restoration service right away if you’ve discovered a ceiling leak, rather than trying to fix it yourself. Here’s the reason why:

All-Inclusive Equipment And Services

Resolving a water damage problem typically involves several steps. Thankfully, the restoration professionals can team up with a plumber or roofing contractor to completely fix and rebuild your house. They can replace soggy construction materials like ceiling, flooring, and drywall and offer all necessary cleanup services from beginning to end.

Comfort And Security

The last thing you need is to take time out of your hectic schedule to fix your water-damaged ceiling. Fortunately, you can concentrate on living your life while the restoration professionals clean and restore your house until it’s in like-new condition. They can also help with other responsibilities, such as assisting you in filing a claim for the damage and communicating with your insurance provider, for your peace of mind.

Knowledge And Expertise

A roof leak or a plumbing problem behind your walls are serious issues that call for professional assistance. Most of the time, you can’t resolve these issues on your own, and trying to do so will simply make your house more vulnerable to damage and other problems down the road, like the development of mold.

Preventing Further Water Damage

A restoration professional will work with you to propose ways to stop further water damage from sources including plumbing problems, roof malfunctions, and extreme weather, along with fixing the water damage that is already there.  

 Noticeable Signs Of Water Damage In Ceiling

There are a few noticeable signs of ceiling water damage that you should watch out for.

  •       Ceiling cracks, which are typically seen as hairline cracks or as a pattern of cracks
  •       Light brown water rings
  •       Mold growth
  •       Musty odors
  •       Peeling ceiling
  •       Stains on your ceiling, which are typically black or rust-colored, though they could also be yellow
  •       Sections of the ceiling that are sagging
  •       Sections of the ceiling that are bowing
  •       Smearing or bubbling paint

Leaks on higher floors are more usually the result of a roofing problem, whereas leaks on lower floors like a basement ceiling, can be a sign of a plumbing problem. This is a solid general rule of thumb when it comes to ceiling water damage.

Leaking Ceiling Sources

pipeline water damage in ceiling

The following are typical sources of ceiling leaks:

  •       Broken shingles
  •       Clogged downspouts and gutters
  •       Cracked chimney
  •       Cracked flashing
  •       Condensation in the house which could be brought on by inadequate insulation, ventilation, or humidifier settings
  •       Ice dam buildup
  •       Improperly installed skylights
  •       Leaking or dripping water pipes
  •       Leaking roof


Knowing who to call for water damage in ceiling can prevent further water damage and save you money.

Since ceiling leaks frequently begin modestly, you should have time to identify the root cause, fix the ceiling, and prevent further damage from occurring. Catastrophic situations, on the other hand, might result in more severe damage to the ceiling and possibly even a collapse risk. If you hear straining in the ceiling, see bulging in your ceiling, or see chunks of drywall dropping, it’s a potential hazard. In this situation, it’s probably preferable to clear the area and request emergency assistance from a professional.

However, you must first take pictures and videos of the water-damaged area and then call your insurance provider before you call professionals. You should then call a professional plumber or water damage restoration service.


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