One of every homeowner’s biggest nightmares is having guests over while the house smells of leftover food, pet odors, or perhaps a recent fire or water damage incident.  Not only is it embarrassing, it can also pose a health hazard to you and your family or any guests.

As a solution, many home restoration services such as Major Restoration offer home deodorization services to help you remove all odors with the help of counteraction agents and other techniques.

A common question most people ask is where does this bad odor come from, even after rigorous cleaning sessions?  Is deodorization really necessary?

The Source of All Smells

To answer that question, we need to understand the process how we smell.

If there is anything volatile (something that releases particles into the air) in the room, the air gets filled with its particles, and as you breathe in, you also breathe in those particles.  When those particles hit your taste buds, you perceive smell or odor.

Smells you like or dislike are mostly psychological in nature and depend largely upon individual personal preference.

Why Removing Certain Smells Is So Difficult

There are various factors that can make removing odors from the house difficult.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Volatility of source material. Soot, animal feces, cooking odors, and cigarette smells are very hard to remove, since they are very volatile and their particles stick to surfaces.
  • Heat and humidity. The hotter the location, the stickier the particles.
  • Porosity of surfaces. The more porous the surrounding surfaces, the longer the odor stays.

These odors can be removed by removing their sources, cleaning the affected areas, and replacing odor particles with counteracting agents.  There are many ways to do this, such as:

  1. Ozone Gas
  2. Ventilation/air processing
  3. Biological Biocidal agent
  4. Modifying agents
  5. Hydroxyl, and many more.

If you are facing any odor related issues and would like a quick easy solution, we recommend getting in touch today!  Our home deodorization service is available 24-7, no matter the emergency!


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