How to Get Rid of the Musty Smell in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of your home’s most often used rooms. Considering how frequently you use your bathroom, it may not be shocking if it starts to have a musty smell. Family members and visitors will find your bathroom uninviting and unclean if it has a musty smell.

Unwanted smells can appear in even the cleanest bathroom. While some restrooms have a strong moldy smell, others have a more sewage-like smell. Knowing the scent you’re dealing with and where it’s coming from will help you target your objectives and guarantee that it’s effectively removed.

Mold and bacterial growth become faster in an atmosphere with too much moisture in the air and poor ventilation. Don’t hesitate to act if you notice a musty smell in your bathroom. Learn how to get rid of the musty smell in the bathroom and improve its hygiene.

What is causing that musty smell in the bathroom?

musty smell in the bathroom

The following could cause the musty smell in your bathroom:


Bathrooms are an ideal place for mildew to grow since it prefers moisture. Fluffy white, gray, or yellow mold forming on your bathroom’s surfaces is a sign of mildew. Some often grow black mold in the sinks’ corners as well as behind the cabinets.

Lack of ventilation

Showering or taking a bath leads bathrooms to get steamy. If there is not much ventilation, moisture can accumulate and provide the ideal place for mold and mildew to grow and thrive.

Water Damage or Leaks

The musty smell in the bathroom can also be brought on by water leaks in bathroom fixtures, pipes, and drains. Your bathroom’s excess moisture creates the ideal place for mold growth to take over the space. Peeling paint or wallpaper, wet spots on the ceiling or wall, dampness or moisture on bathroom flooring, and pools of water around bathroom fixtures are signs of water damage.

Drainage and pipe blockages

Blockages in bathroom pipes and drains can let sewer gases leak into the bathroom, which can generate a musty smell. The outcome is the same whether the leak is coming from your toilet or sink.


Even if there aren’t any food leftovers in the trash can like in the kitchen, bathroom trash like menstruation products, wet wipes, etc. can still create a musty smell.


A dirty or damp towel is one frequently ignored reason why bathrooms smell awful. Towels can quickly start a musty smell in the bathroom when they aren’t dried quickly enough because of odor-producing and quickly proliferating mold, bacteria, and fungi. The growing process of mold, bacteria, and fungi may also be sped up if towels haven’t been washed in a while.

Ways to get rid of the musty smell in the bathroom

uncomfortable comfort room

Within a short period, you can eliminate that mildew stress and return your bathroom to its previous state of scented lavender.

Wash and clean the bathroom

Wash everything to get rid of the musty smell in the bathroom. This involves washing the window curtains, musty bathroom rugs, and hand towels that have been hanging in the bathroom for ages. All bathroom surfaces, including the walls, floors, equipment, shower doors, and any other moisture-prone areas, should be cleaned using a cleaning solution and a scrub brush.

Make sure you clean these areas to eliminate any potential bacteria or mold spores. Also, never let wet towels or clothing sit around.

Remove any mold and mildew

Check the bathroom for any signs of obvious mold or mildew growth. Also, check if there is mold in the bathroom sink as it frequently grows there. Clean it up with a bleach solution if you find any. To protect yourself as you clean, make sure to put on gloves and a mask.

Place bathroom items in a sunny area

Take any fabric things that can’t be washed out of the bathroom and expose them to the sun to get rid of any potential mold or mildew. Mold and mildew can be destroyed by being exposed to the sun’s UV radiation.

Unclog Your Pipes and Drains

To clear any clogs, use a plunger or a drain snake, and look for blockages in the pipes under the sink.

Repair leaks and water damage.

Look for any leaks or traces of water damage, such as stains or discoloration on the walls or flooring. Incorrect sealing and small amounts of water getting between the wall and the tub can occasionally cause bathtubs to develop a mildew smell. If mildew is on the caulk’s surface, it can be scrubbed away using a bleach solution; but, if it is below, it must be entirely cleaned and then properly recaulked.

Allow the bathroom to breathe

The bathroom may have a musty smell for some time due to poor ventilation.  Mildew grows well in warm, humid, dark environments. Open the windows and allow some fresh air in to resolve this. If the bathroom doesn’t have a window, keep the bathroom door slightly open when taking a shower. If your bathroom doesn’t have an exhaust fan or a ceiling fan, think about getting a tiny electric fan to keep the air circulating. Open the cabinets so they may also get some fresh air.

Use Air Purifier

In addition to removing the musty smell from the air, installing an effective air purifier in your bathroom can also help eliminate that musty smell. An air purifier with a high airflow will improve the air circulation in the bathroom and as a result, help battle mold growth. Better air circulation and interior air quality can be facilitated by larger purifiers with larger fans.

Use Odor Eliminator

This natural deodorizer, similar to activated charcoal, baking soda, or white vinegar, can help in smell removal, absorb extra moisture, and improve the fragrance of your bathroom. But make sure to change them around once a month.


clean bathroom

No matter how elegant and spa-like the bathroom design is, it’s still the place where a musty smell can build up.  However, with the right knowledge and tools, musty smell bathrooms can be easily avoided. Your bathroom will smell clean and fresh once more if you frequently clean the surfaces, run the ventilation and fan, and do everything else we provided above.

Despite all of these efforts, if your bathroom still has a musty smell, it might be time to call in a professional.


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