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Michael Allen founded Major Restoration Services in 2006. It’s a top restoration company in Dauphin County and nearby areas. We’re in York PA. we’re committed to giving our community quick and effective help when disasters strike. We help with fires, water damage, mold, and hazardous material cleanup. We also repair and rebuild properties to restore homes and businesses after emergencies. We react fast during emergencies to maintain smooth operations and reassure our clients.

Water damage is increasing in Dauphin County. Trustworthy restoration services are crucial. Statistics show a concerning 10% rise in water damage cases over the past year alone. At Major Restoration, we understand how water damage can distress families and businesses. Our team can swiftly repair damage caused by burst pipes, floods, or leaks to restore properties to their original condition. We’re committed to making sure our customers are happy and providing personalized help. If you need reliable restoration services in Dauphin County, we’re here for you as a trusted partner. Contact us today to begin the restoration process and regain peace of mind.

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Why you need Restoration Company

When your property is damaged, whether from a storm, a flood, a fire, or mold, it’s important to get help quickly. Here’s why reaching out to a restoration company in Dauphin County is a wise choice:

  • Quick Response to Reduce Damage: After damage occurs, acting fast is key to preventing more problems. A restoration company responds fast to prevent further damage. They stop mold growth after floods and secure buildings post-fire.
  • Skilled in Many Types of Repairs: These companies can manage many problems, like cleaning up floods and repairing fire or storm damage. They know how to tackle different problems efficiently.
  • They Use the Right Tools and Methods: Professional teams possess the right tools and expertise. They effectively clean and repair your property. They have specialized tools for drying water, eliminating smoke odors, and more, which are difficult to handle alone.
  • Help with Insurance Paperwork: Dealing with insurance claims can be confusing. Restoration companies usually have experience with insurance processes. They can help simplify your claim handling, making it easier for you.
  • Safety is a Priority: Cleaning up after property damage can be dangerous. There are risks like electric shocks or being exposed to harmful substances. Professionals know how to handle these dangers safely.
  • Thorough Repair and Cleanup: These services not only clean up but also repair and restore your property. This involves repairing structures, restoring appearance, and eliminating bad odors.
  • Local Knowledge and Experience: A company from Dauphin County understands the area’s specific challenges, like the typical weather patterns that might affect repair work. This local insight is very helpful in providing solutions that work best for your situation.
  • Reduces Your Stress: Dealing with property damage is stressful. By hiring experts, you can take a step back and focus on yourself and your family, knowing that the recovery of your property is in good hands.

Services We Offer

  • Fire And Smoke Damage Mitigation – Even if physical damage after a fire is minimal, smoke and soot can linger and cause damage in other forms. Dealing with fire and smoke damage is extremely time-sensitive in order to get optimal results.  Fires can render a building inhabitable for days or even weeks due to contaminated air and bad odor. In addition, fires can cause dangerous structural damage to your home or office. Our number one priority is our clients’ safety and well-being. We will assess these dangers and act quickly to mitigate your loss and get you back in your home or commercial building as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Water Damage Mitigation – Our comprehensive water damage restoration service involves a multi-step process that includes water mitigation or removal, drying, sanitation, and repair and restoration. Major Restoration handles water damage caused by heavy rains and flooding as well as burst pipes, clogged or backed-up sewage lines, and leaky appliances.
  • Mold Remediation – We specialize in the treatment, removal, and prevention of mold damage in the Dauphin PA area. We will not only identify the cause of the problem, we will also clean up the mold using IICRC industry standard procedures. If you see visible mold in your home, it is highly likely that there is also mold hiding in other areas out of your sight. Call Major Restoration Services today to get mold problems under control.
  • Biohazard Cleanup – Major Restoration Services specializes in the cleanup of many bio-hazardous situations such as accident cleanup, suicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup, and foreclosure cleanup. If your home or commercial building requires biohazard cleanup, contact us today.
  • Asbestos Cleanup – If your home or office was built prior to 1978, it may contain dangerous asbestos. The most common materials still around today are found in floor tiles, pipe insulation, and ceiling tiles. Major Restoration Services has the equipment, technicians and experience to rid your home or business of asbestos containing material.
  • Repair And Rebuilding – The work doesn’t end after our professionals have cleared your home of water, smoke, mold, or biohazard materials. From the cleaning and organizing of all your personal belongings to helping you pick out colors, appliances, and flooring to put your home or business back to its pre-loss condition, we are there to assist you every step of the way!

Emergency Restoration Services – Dauphin PA

We are here for you no matter the time of day to get your property cleaned up and restored. Major Restoration Services offers emergency service around the clock to assist with your water, fire and mold damage emergencies. We know that disasters typically come at the most inopportune times. That is why we are always ready to help. We have 24/7 call answering services and industry leading response times.

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At Major Restoration Services we always provide unbeatable transparency, support, and communication. We are proud to service residences and businesses in South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland including York, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, and Lebanon. Our company works with all major insurance companies to ensure all of our clients get maximum coverage from their claims.

We are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through this difficult time.

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What Our Clients Say

All of the employees are certified and trained in
Michael’s way of business

Exceptionally Knowledgeable

The team was very professional and exceptionally knowledgeable.  They take the time to explain every step and demonstrated the highest skill level.  We are very satisfied with the service and I would be happy to serve as a reference.

Restoration Company in Dauphin

James M.-Camp Hill, PA.

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Highly Recommended

Bill, Ed and Jason were wonderful to work with.  Always professional and friendlt.  Will highly recommend Major Restoration Services to anyone I can.

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Paulette J.- York, PA.

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Absolutely Would Recommend

We are pleased with communication, friendliness, promptness and understanding of staff, particularly Eric.
​Absolutely, I would recommend them to anyone who needs restoration services.”

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Ann S.- Holtwood, PA.

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Great Team

Great group of men, knows their craft.  Thanks for sending a great team, it really took some stress off of me!

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Shawn S.-Harrisburg, PA. 

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Great Job

Great job!  Very hard workers!!

Thank you so much!

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Jane R.-Enola, PA.  

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Highly Recommended

Professional work and good communication about the job.”

Restoration Company in Dauphin

Eric S.-Pequea, PA. 

Restoration Company in Dauphin


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