Temperatures are slowly rising to bring us pleasant weather, fresh buds are blooming everywhere, and the world seems to come to life again; these are just a few indications that the spring season is here.

This is a great time of year to take care of some general housekeeping.  Please keep reading to learn more with a few helpful tips to prepare your home for spring.

10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Here are 10 tips to prepare your home for spring.

1.      Clean Your Gutters

The winter and fall months bring plenty of debris that clogs your gutters.

2.      Replace Filters

Depending on the type of filters you have for your water and air vents, they may need replacement every 3 to 6 months. Springtime is the best time to replace them as the weather changes.

3.      Wash Windows

The cold weather, elements, and condensation on your windows throughout the fall season leave your windows dirty, so proper external cleaning is due.

4.      Clean Showerheads and Faucets

As the weather changes, so will your water temperature, making it an excellent time to clean your showerheads and faucets thoroughly.

5.      Clean Foundation Vents

Vents along the foundation provide air circulation throughout the crawl spaces. Once spring arrives, remove any winter debris or dirt to ensure proper ventilation and prevent moisture and mold growth.

6.      Maintain Your Grill

Run maintenance on your grill because springtime is perfect for family BBQs. Clean away grease build-up to help prevent a dangerous grill fire.

7.      Prepare Your Soil

Nothing beats a lush spring garden, but you will need to prepare your soil accordingly.

8.      Clean Patio Furniture

Since winter is here, you may want to hang out in the outdoor spaces of your home.  If you store your outdoor furniture in your garage or basement, this is a great time to clean it and perform any needed repairs.

9.      Clean the Dryer Vent

Clogs in the dryer vent are a fire hazard, which is why you should clean them regularly.

10.  Test Smoke Detectors

You should test your smoke detectors for functionality every other month to be sure you get an early warning in the event of a fire or smoke-related emergency in your home or business.


These are just ten tips to prepare your home for spring, and there are many more, which we can discuss another time. For now, follow these for a healthy, safe, and pleasant spring season. We highly recommend seeking professional help for home maintenance from experts like Major Restoration.

If you want to learn more about tips to prepare your home for spring, or if you want the best professional help, please visit our website today.


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