How Much Does Mold Testing Cost in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s sudden increase in precipitation, from 5% to 10%, has left homeowners facing mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems are just a few of the many negative effects and symptoms caused by mold exposure.

To stop the mold from spreading, it’s important to take action immediately if you see any signs of a mold problem on your property. The professionals in Pennsylvania can provide you a full inspection and mold testing services if you believe you can smell or see mold. You can be certain that you’re acquiring the appropriate mold remediation services for the property by testing any potentially affected areas.

Continue reading the article to learn how much does mold testing cost in Pennsylvania.  

Mold Testing Cost in Pennsylvania

mold testing cost in pennsylvania

Mold testing cost in Pennsylvania starts at $300 for an extensive visual examination using moisture detection tools and two air samples, which will be used to compare the air inside and outside. The outside sample serves as an assessment that provides a baseline for what is normal and appropriate in that area. When you and the mold professional agree that a specific area is the main concern, they will collect an interior sample from that area. The amount of mold present in the interior samples should be comparable to or slightly less than what is present in the exterior samples.

Each additional sample recommended by the mold professional starts at $50. You, the client, will have to decide whether or not those extra samples matter to the situation you’re in. The following are some recommended additional samples:

  •       Surface sample: Confirms the problem’s source
  •       In-Wall Cavity Air Sample: Confirms the source or identifies a problem before it becomes airborne
  •       General Air Sample: Assess whether a problem has spread

Every inspection that a mold professional in Pennsylvania conducts must be approached as though legal action could result. What matters is what you can prove, not what you know. No matter how many samples are collected, the licensed Pennsylvania mold professional will offer as much information as they can.

They often receive lab reports and results within the following timeframe:

  •       Standard: 2-4 business days
  •       Next-Day Guarantee: Starts at $25 per sample, depending on the laboratory 

Signs to Test Your Property for Mold

preventing mold growth in tiles bathroom

What signs to keep an eye out for when it comes to mold growth is one of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners. Performing a mold test is a good idea in the following circumstances:

After a Flood

The majority of properties that have previously flooded have a mold problem. For this reason, homeowners must call the nearest Pennsylvania mold inspector.

Mold Type

virus of mold

Certain mold strains may be particularly dangerous if anyone living in your house suffers from asthma, severe allergies, or other respiratory conditions. Finding a little bit of mold in a bathroom is not unusual and is usually not a huge concern, but if you do, getting tested to be sure it’s not a more serious problem may be wise. Allergies acting up out of season or being more severe than normal are another red flag. Symptoms of a mold allergy include coughing, watery, itchy eyes, and a rash or hives.

Musty Odor

Likely, you won’t notice a mold issue until you smell it, especially if it’s in a spot that doesn’t get a lot of use, like the attic or crawl space. A mold inspection can help you to determine the source of the musty odor in your home.

Water Damage

If there is water damage to your property, there’s a potential that mold will get a foothold there, especially in places without access to good ventilation, like under latex paint and within ceilings or walls.

Water Problem

Mold grows best in moist conditions. Mold testing is a good idea if you recently experienced a leak or flood of any kind. Water may leak through almost any place, and before you know it, a mold problem might get out of hand.

Warped Or Damaged Ceiling or Wall

tiles removal to preventing mold growth in tiles bathroom

Mold may be to blame if you see signs of deterioration or warping along your walls and ceiling. If left unchecked, some mold forms that feed on wood and drywall might result in serious problems. Get an inspection right away because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When Purchasing a Property

A mold infestation can reduce the value of the property even if there is no federal legislation against selling property with mold. Get a mold inspection done before buying or selling a property to make sure that a costly problem isn’t lurking inside the walls.

If there is visible mold on your property, it is generally preferable to hire Pennsylvania mold professionals to inspect your property as part of the remediation process to make sure that it has been completely disinfected.

After Mold Remediation 

preventing mold groth on bathroom surfaces

In general, once the mold has been removed and the moisture source is resolved, it may never grow back. Since mold needs moisture to grow, you can check on it sometimes to make sure it hasn’t returned.


If exposed to moisture for a prolonged length of time, many common structures are prone to mold growth. Avoid attempting to clean black mold on your own if you do find it around your property. Despite what you may have read online, mold spores are far easier to spread than they are to kill. Before hiring professionals, it is preferable to first understand how much does mold testing cost in Pennsylvania and what is covered.


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