While wooden decks are an incredible addition to any home, they require a bit more maintenance than your home exterior. This is because wooden surfaces experience more wear than other outdoor construction materials such as vinyl siding, stucco, and brick.

This is why we have come up with our top 5 deck maintenance tips that will help you prevent expensive damage and prolong the life of your beautiful deck.

Top Deck Maintenance Tips

Here are our top five deck maintenance tips for homeowners.

●        Regular Sweeping

Apart from clearing dirt, regular sweeping allows you to remove leaves that accumulate on your deck. While they may seem harmless, they provide a prime breeding ground for mold growth if the weather gets wet or humid.

●        Biennial Sealing

You should hire a professional to seal your deck once every two years, or if you’re a DIY’er, this is a project you could take on yourself and save quite a bit of money in the process. The sealant provides a fresh look and protection from the elements. Moreover, contrary to popular opinion, you shouldn’t use deck paint as a sealant because it is ineffective and wears off more quickly than a clear or oil-based sealant.

●        Avoid Liquid Spills (Or Clean Them immediately) and Moisture Issues

Apart from specific deck cleaning solutions, other types of liquids are not good for your deck. They can discolor the wood, leave stains, or attract mold spores that cause mold damage. Other times, water and other liquids can leak under your deck, causing water damage and other problems in the crawlspace or the basement. Be sure to have good ventilation under your deck to help avoid mold growth on the structure or the underside of the deck boards.

●        Avoid Grease Stains

It isn’t uncommon to have a grill near or on your deck. However, you must ensure that grease does not spill or splash onto your deck. This can result in difficult-to-remove, unsightly stains on the wood. With grills on decks and balconies, there is also the risk of fire damage.

●        Prompt Repairs

If you find a loose railing or wood board on your deck, you need to repair it immediately. It can encourage mold growth as water, and organic matter accumulate in the gaps. Other times, it can result in expensive water damage underneath the deck, in your basement, or crawlspace.

Final Thoughts

Following the mentioned maintenance tips will help keep your deck functional and beautiful year-round. They will also prevent expensive damage like water damage or mold growth and prolong the life of your deck.

However, if mold or water damage occurs in your deck or underneath it, you’ll want expert professionals like Major Restoration for mold remediation, removal, or water mitigation.

If you want to learn more about deck maintenance tips or the best professional water mitigation and mold remediation services, please visit our website today.


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